Decluttering for our BIG move!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Update before back to work

Well tomorrow i have to start subbing full time for the next 4 weeks, i'm going to be beat to say the least! LOL I normally work 20 hours and usally 13 of them from from home... this week i'll be doing that work plus working 40 hours in a classroom so i won't be able to hardly spend any time with my family let alone delcutter anything...

But this weekend i was able to get my cabnits in order, and get about 1/2 of my laundry room done, when i was doing some of that my dh patched the holes in the livingroom wall so then i painted all day yesterday and today, it looks so much better. To bad i'm only going to have to look at it for a few more months! LOL oh well !!!

I'll try to update over the next few weeks as I find time...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We Have Picked Out Our HOME!!!

Ok i've kinda been on 'break' this week, me and my dh have been looking at homes, and modulars... we have finally made out choice and me outselfs toss all the othere options! We will be moving into town on part of me inlaws property (it's about 3 acres so lots of room) ... I also really love my inlaws so living next door to them is NOT going to be a problem at all. They are 'in town' but not really, they are with in the city limits but on the edge of town and we will have a small wooded area in our back yard, that will be nice compaired to the middle of a corn field we live in now! LOL
So we are going to be buying a modular that is 3 bedrooms and a full basment here's the link to the home and here's the floor plan We will also have a full basment under the home no garage at this time but will prolly add one at a later time. We will finish off atleast 1/2 the basment to put a family room/ play room down there and ds bedroom some time not right away b/c he's only 6.5 years old so we don't feel he's quite old enought to have a basement room but will soon!
I would not at all mind my home looking as clutter free as the home in the picutres... and i do think it's possible with a basment for the toys, although i do plan to declutter toys some time b/c my kids just have WAY to many of them... maybe i will donate them before christmas time to local charities that need toys for needy kids. Anyways i wanted to post about my new home and see what suggestions anyone may have!!! :)

Tomorrows GOAL is Laundry Room and Kitchen Cabnits... Dh is back to work so i shoudln't have an excuse...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Bedroom AFTER!!!

This feels so much better and i'm sure it looks much better also, i was albe to get about 150 items out of this room that were either trash, toys, just general stuff that didn't belong. You can see that the stroller didn't make it to the shed though, it was down pouring rain when i was doing this, so maybe it will make it out there this week... My dh's stuff looks much better you can actully see the floor!!! So much of an improvment!!! LOL

Look at this bed, it's nice and neat and clean wonderful 600 thread count sheets, can you imagine not makeing your bed when you spend the $$ on 600 thread count sheets!!! LOL The comforter isn't on yet, it's down and take forever to dry when it's on a no heat cycle! But it will be done by the time i craw into it tonight!!!

As you can see all my work stuff is still in the basket but I'm going to be on the clock when i go through all that and i'm not aloud to be on the clock on sundays so i'll have to tackle that tomorrow durring my work at home hours! LOL

Final picture is of my closet, my dh is actully going to be able to get to his uniforms in the morning with out triping over all the baskets of clean clothes. His dresser looks much better with some nice picutre out of the picture box on it... The old dresser is still in the closet but that won't be able to be moved till we move out and trash it, it's got about 3 broken draws and i need something better for storage of out of season clothes...

All and all i think i've done a great job today and last night, but there is still a lot that coudl come out of this room in terms of clutter but my goal is to just get the house looking nice first and deap declutter after i get the messiness under control!!! If i can keep this room NICE for the next few weeks while i work full time out of my home (subbing) (i normall work only part time and from home) then i'll be in the clear!!! :) Next job is my Laundry room!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Bedroom Before .... BEWARE!

Well this is what i have to work with... it's awful, i can't believe i'm posting these picutres, but maybe it will get me much more motivated, to post the much new and improved picutres!!! The dresser shown is my dh's w/ all his police gear EVERY where, my new home will help b/c it will have a lot more closet space to store some of it! These baskets are full of clean clothes that need to be hung or put in the dressers. the stroller need to be taken out to the shed. My bed hasn't been made in a LONG time... my dh has been on the night shift for about 8 months and since then it just sees like someone is always sleeping in there so it's hard to get the place back together well he started his new job today working 6am-6pm to i have NO excues, i will have the room together by sunday night!!!

Here's some more horrifying picutres!

This is the closet, we don't have doors as they broke the old dresser in the closet is used for winter storage items, as well os the tote next to it....

This is my work/computer desk, I do most of my work from hom, the basket in top of the tote has a ll my books, logs, info packets, ect. That is my dresser, not much better then dh's cluttery mess. needs to be decluttered as well. The huge storage tote is full of picutres and albums for scrap booking one day when my kids are older and i actully have time to get it done! LOL

Ok enough of embaressing myself, i'm off to dig into the mess, w/ a trash can!!! I will hopefully be able to post some picutres of my sucess by tomorrow evening!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Let the fun start!!!

Well we are offically moving!!! YIPPY not sure how soon, but our home (trailor) has been sold to my dad but we don't need to move till my grandparents home sells (he's currently living in their basment appartment, but they are moving as well). LOL by the time we all get done moving we won't ever want to help anyone move again! We plan to put a modular home in near my inlaws (love my inlaws) me and my dh have been looking and looking and looking, and just aren't really sure what kinda set up we want, a 4 bedroom family, living, dinning, kitchen, ect or a 3 bedroom w/ just livingroom and dining room and kitchen, then a basement we can put one bedroom and a family room it, and should we add a garage or not, so many choices so many options just not really sure but i do know ONE thing FOR SURE!!! The CLUTTERED trailor we live in now will NOT over take my new home!!! So i need to declutter now LONG before we move to be sure nothing goes that doesn't need to and get myself into a cleaning routine now rather then later.

Well today i haven't done much in the way of cleaning but what i have managed to do is keep my kitchen clean that i deep cleaned last weekend. That is a huge thing for me!!! This weekend i plan to dive into my bedroom, it's awful, i think it gets that way b/c no one ever sees my room except for me and my dh and my kids... I took some before picks of it but not sure how to upload to here yet so give me a few days... We are having my youngest birthday party tomorrow so maybe i can get some things looking better in the livingroom tonight... i'll post back tomorrow!!!