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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Bedroom AFTER!!!

This feels so much better and i'm sure it looks much better also, i was albe to get about 150 items out of this room that were either trash, toys, just general stuff that didn't belong. You can see that the stroller didn't make it to the shed though, it was down pouring rain when i was doing this, so maybe it will make it out there this week... My dh's stuff looks much better you can actully see the floor!!! So much of an improvment!!! LOL

Look at this bed, it's nice and neat and clean wonderful 600 thread count sheets, can you imagine not makeing your bed when you spend the $$ on 600 thread count sheets!!! LOL The comforter isn't on yet, it's down and take forever to dry when it's on a no heat cycle! But it will be done by the time i craw into it tonight!!!

As you can see all my work stuff is still in the basket but I'm going to be on the clock when i go through all that and i'm not aloud to be on the clock on sundays so i'll have to tackle that tomorrow durring my work at home hours! LOL

Final picture is of my closet, my dh is actully going to be able to get to his uniforms in the morning with out triping over all the baskets of clean clothes. His dresser looks much better with some nice picutre out of the picture box on it... The old dresser is still in the closet but that won't be able to be moved till we move out and trash it, it's got about 3 broken draws and i need something better for storage of out of season clothes...

All and all i think i've done a great job today and last night, but there is still a lot that coudl come out of this room in terms of clutter but my goal is to just get the house looking nice first and deap declutter after i get the messiness under control!!! If i can keep this room NICE for the next few weeks while i work full time out of my home (subbing) (i normall work only part time and from home) then i'll be in the clear!!! :) Next job is my Laundry room!!!


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I think I already said this on MDC, but great job :)

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