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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Bedroom Before .... BEWARE!

Well this is what i have to work with... it's awful, i can't believe i'm posting these picutres, but maybe it will get me much more motivated, to post the much new and improved picutres!!! The dresser shown is my dh's w/ all his police gear EVERY where, my new home will help b/c it will have a lot more closet space to store some of it! These baskets are full of clean clothes that need to be hung or put in the dressers. the stroller need to be taken out to the shed. My bed hasn't been made in a LONG time... my dh has been on the night shift for about 8 months and since then it just sees like someone is always sleeping in there so it's hard to get the place back together well he started his new job today working 6am-6pm to i have NO excues, i will have the room together by sunday night!!!

Here's some more horrifying picutres!

This is the closet, we don't have doors as they broke the old dresser in the closet is used for winter storage items, as well os the tote next to it....

This is my work/computer desk, I do most of my work from hom, the basket in top of the tote has a ll my books, logs, info packets, ect. That is my dresser, not much better then dh's cluttery mess. needs to be decluttered as well. The huge storage tote is full of picutres and albums for scrap booking one day when my kids are older and i actully have time to get it done! LOL

Ok enough of embaressing myself, i'm off to dig into the mess, w/ a trash can!!! I will hopefully be able to post some picutres of my sucess by tomorrow evening!


Blogger Shannon said...

BTDT, you're not alone! :D (and like I said on MDC, *I'm* not brave enought to post *my* "before" pictures yet LOL!). Good luck! Don't forget to post the "after" pictures! They're really good for inspiring yourself! (and others ;)

9:57 AM  
Blogger Moms3kids said...

The after pics are now up!!! That feel so much better!

6:24 PM  

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