Decluttering for our BIG move!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Let the fun start!!!

Well we are offically moving!!! YIPPY not sure how soon, but our home (trailor) has been sold to my dad but we don't need to move till my grandparents home sells (he's currently living in their basment appartment, but they are moving as well). LOL by the time we all get done moving we won't ever want to help anyone move again! We plan to put a modular home in near my inlaws (love my inlaws) me and my dh have been looking and looking and looking, and just aren't really sure what kinda set up we want, a 4 bedroom family, living, dinning, kitchen, ect or a 3 bedroom w/ just livingroom and dining room and kitchen, then a basement we can put one bedroom and a family room it, and should we add a garage or not, so many choices so many options just not really sure but i do know ONE thing FOR SURE!!! The CLUTTERED trailor we live in now will NOT over take my new home!!! So i need to declutter now LONG before we move to be sure nothing goes that doesn't need to and get myself into a cleaning routine now rather then later.

Well today i haven't done much in the way of cleaning but what i have managed to do is keep my kitchen clean that i deep cleaned last weekend. That is a huge thing for me!!! This weekend i plan to dive into my bedroom, it's awful, i think it gets that way b/c no one ever sees my room except for me and my dh and my kids... I took some before picks of it but not sure how to upload to here yet so give me a few days... We are having my youngest birthday party tomorrow so maybe i can get some things looking better in the livingroom tonight... i'll post back tomorrow!!!


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