Decluttering for our BIG move!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We Have Picked Out Our HOME!!!

Ok i've kinda been on 'break' this week, me and my dh have been looking at homes, and modulars... we have finally made out choice and me outselfs toss all the othere options! We will be moving into town on part of me inlaws property (it's about 3 acres so lots of room) ... I also really love my inlaws so living next door to them is NOT going to be a problem at all. They are 'in town' but not really, they are with in the city limits but on the edge of town and we will have a small wooded area in our back yard, that will be nice compaired to the middle of a corn field we live in now! LOL
So we are going to be buying a modular that is 3 bedrooms and a full basment here's the link to the home and here's the floor plan We will also have a full basment under the home no garage at this time but will prolly add one at a later time. We will finish off atleast 1/2 the basment to put a family room/ play room down there and ds bedroom some time not right away b/c he's only 6.5 years old so we don't feel he's quite old enought to have a basement room but will soon!
I would not at all mind my home looking as clutter free as the home in the picutres... and i do think it's possible with a basment for the toys, although i do plan to declutter toys some time b/c my kids just have WAY to many of them... maybe i will donate them before christmas time to local charities that need toys for needy kids. Anyways i wanted to post about my new home and see what suggestions anyone may have!!! :)

Tomorrows GOAL is Laundry Room and Kitchen Cabnits... Dh is back to work so i shoudln't have an excuse...


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