Decluttering for our BIG move!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Update before back to work

Well tomorrow i have to start subbing full time for the next 4 weeks, i'm going to be beat to say the least! LOL I normally work 20 hours and usally 13 of them from from home... this week i'll be doing that work plus working 40 hours in a classroom so i won't be able to hardly spend any time with my family let alone delcutter anything...

But this weekend i was able to get my cabnits in order, and get about 1/2 of my laundry room done, when i was doing some of that my dh patched the holes in the livingroom wall so then i painted all day yesterday and today, it looks so much better. To bad i'm only going to have to look at it for a few more months! LOL oh well !!!

I'll try to update over the next few weeks as I find time...


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